Raising Awareness


Since Lisa's disappearance almost 20 months ago, over 80,000 flyers were produced and 20,000 of those have been mailed all over the world. Over 1,000 bracelets, approximately 300 shirts, and 3000 mini flyers have been distributed. In one month alone, close to 1,000 bumper stickers were sent all over the world.

Our goal is to continue making these awareness products available around the world.

Lisa needs your help!!!

Lamar billboards have generously donated 15 billboards for Lisa that have been placed throughout the country. Thank you, Lamar!

Thank you AWRISTOCRAT for donating 500 bracelets for Lisa!

Thank you StickerBanners.com for donating bumper stickers for Lisa!

Please help raise awareness so Lisa can come home to her family.


Thank you so much for helping us in our search for Lisa!!!!
Staples- donated 50 flyers for Lisa!

Office Max- donated 100 flyers for Lisa!

UPS- donated 400 flyers for Lisa!

Find Lisa Irwin

Pictures Made for Lisa

Thank you for making the videos and pictures for Lisa!!!!

Thank you so very much Lewis Babb for drawing this picture of Lisa. <3