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Media for the Missing

To keep missing persons continuously in the present through a highly visible national awareness system. Once we obtain our operations headquarters, we will then being implementing this system.

To increase public awareness for missing and unidentified persons and safety prevention education.

Company Overview-

This is a non-profit organization designed to serve as an extended media outlet to assist with increasing public awareness for missing persons and promote safety awareness education.

Find Other Missing Persons

Please take a minute to click here for Lisa Irwin-Footprints in the Sand. There are flyers of the missing posted daily. We need YOUR help sharing flyers and raising awareness. Please help bring them ALL home!!!

Robert Pillsen-Rahier - Missing since July 6, 1990

Picture of Robert (Bobby) before he went missing.

Age Progression of Robert.

Message from Robert's mother-

Robert was at Cheyenne Mesa an Adolescence Treatment Facility in Colorado Springs, Colorado in June-July 6, 1990 when he went missing. Robert was being treated for emotional problems stemming from finding his Dad dead when he was almost 8 years old. The police report said he went missing at approx. 8:45 a.m., I was on the phone with him at that time. The clothes they listed him as wearing when he was reported missing was returned from the Treatment Facility. When we kept calling to find out what happened, what was he wearing, his shoes were returned; what was on his feet, ect. I was told to "stop calling or harassment charges will be filed against me".

PLEASE, share this! Someone out there may know something and come forward!!

Please call Detective Shawn Peterson at 719-444-7598 or Detective Michael Montez at 719-482-7179.

Project Jason

We recently attended "Keys to Healing Retreat" by Project Jason. During this retreat we met other families who have also had a loved one abducted. It helped us immensely. We encourage anyone who has had a loved one abducted to attend this retreat.

Project Jason Mission Statement

Our mission as a non profit organization is to create and increase public awareness of missing people through a variety of outreach and educational activities. Project Jason seeks to bring hope and assistance to families of the missing by providing resources and support.

Clinton Nelson- Missing since September 1, 2006

April Wiss- Missing since January 11, 2000

Jason Jolkowski- Missing since June 13, 2001

David Potts- Missing since October, 2006

Jesse Ross- Missing since November 21, 2006

Jeff Kolden- Missing since June 8, 2002

Kelsie Schelling- Missing since February 4, 2013

Prayer Vigil Ceremony

Thank you Project Jason!